VideoCAD Starter

VideoCAD Starter - the easiest, low cost version of 3D CCTV Design Software - VideoCAD


  • ease for mastering
  • reliability
  • low cost


  • Starter version offers simplest tools only

VideoCAD Starter - the easiest, low cost version of 3D CCTV Design Software - VideoCAD

VideoCAD Starter will help you: Select lenses and positions of CCTV cameras to get the needed parameters of surveillance areas. Visualize by colors the spatial resolution (pixel density). Place cameras on the location plan in the formats *. Bmp, *. Jpg. Get a drawing which includes the territory controlled by cameras with a coordinate grid for the graphical part of the project. Export the resulting drawing in any of the following formats: *. Bmp, *. Jpg. Copy the list with the main parameters of cameras to MS Excel, MS Word and other programs. Get 3D model of the the scene with the ability to download ready-made 3D models (people, car).

Save money and win tenders due to reduction of the number of cameras in the projects and use them more effectively. Reduce time and improve quality of design. Reduce the number and speed up the solution of disputes with customers.

VideoCAD Starter is low cost version of more powerful CCTV Design Software - VideoCAD. Its main advantages are ease for mastering, reliability and low cost. If you need more powerful CCTV Design Software - look at Lite and Professional versions of VideoCAD.

CCTVCAD Software is widely used by many Firms, Installers, Designers, CCTV consultants, CCTV manufacturers, Security departments of large Enterprises, Banks, Public institutions, Army, Police. It is used in training designers in Universities.

VideoCAD Starter


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